Original Content podcast: Netflix’s ‘Queer Eye’ revival feels surprisingly heartfelt

Netflix’s revival of Queer Eye transports five gay men around Georgia, where they remake the lives of individuals in sore need of their assistance. Each member of the “Fab Five” has their own specialty — food, fashion, grooming, design and culture.

This might sound like just another reality show, but as one of the Fab Five declares in the first episode, where the original show was about tolerance, the new one is about acceptance, in many forms. It’s not a preachy series, but there’s a message under the surface, and the politics occasionally burst out into the open.

And as we admit in the latest episode of the Original Content podcast, the new Queer Eye formula ends up being surprisingly affecting — we won’t name names, but more than one of us found themselves crying at the end of episodes.

We also cover some of the week’s streaming and entertainment news, specifically MoviePass’ acquisition of Moviefone and a plagiarism lawsuit against the creators of Stranger Things.

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