White men still make the most money in tech, Hired says

Hired has released its annual pay equity report. Unsurprisingly, white men earn the most at $136,000 per year on average, followed by Asian men making a yearly average of $135,000.

Here are some other stats that highlight the pay discrepancies in tech:

  • Companies offer women 4 percent less than men, on average, for the same role at the same company
  • Black and Latinx women are offered 90 cents for every dollar white men earn
  • LGBTQ+ women are offered more than their non-LGBTQ counterparts

Other fun (sad) facts:

  • San Francisco has the smallest gender wage gap
  • The gender wage gap gets worse as people get older
  • More than half of women know they’ve been paid less than men in similar roles throughout their careers

Unfortunately, the wage gap hasn’t changed since Hired’s 2017 report. The silver lining, however, is that wage equality for tech workers in the U.S. is better than in Toronto, London and Paris. Anyway, you can check out the rest of the sad state of our society here.