Sony cuts PlayStation VR bundle price by $100

Diving into VR on PS4 is continuing to get cheaper and cheaper.

Sony has slashed the prices of PSVR bundles by $100. The Camera bundle and the Doom VFR bundle now stand at $299 while the Skyrim VR bundle which also includes the Move controllers retails for just $349.

It hasn’t really been too difficult to come by a sale or deep discount on the PlayStation VR, but you can probably expect those deals to sink even further given its new $299 starting retail price. When the headset launched at the end of 2016, it retailed for $399 and users had to purchase the required PlayStation Camera sensor separately.

The world of high-end VR headsets has been getting significantly less pricey over the past year or two overall with the path largely being paved by Facebook’s Oculus which halved the price of its system within its first two years. While HTC’s Vive now sits at $499 and Oculus’s Rift resides at $399, Sony is in a much better place to control the all-in costs as the PS VR is powered by a PS4 rather than a price variable PC.

With today’s headset price drop, the cost of getting everything you need to get into VR — including the system, headset and motion controllers — is now just $649. Sony is admittedly second-tier among the PC-powered headsets, but this new price drop coupled with its closed ecosystem simplicity makes it a pretty attractive option, especially for existing PlayStation 4 owners.