ClassPass Live launches on-demand workouts from home

ClassPass has today announced the launch of ClassPass Live, an at-home workout platform that connects users with fitness teachers via live video.

ClassPass Live was first announced in December of last year. The company purchased a studio in Industry City, along with hiring instructors to develop a proprietary ClassPass workout for users and run classes.

Here’s what ClassPass CEO Fritz Lanman had to say at the time:

At ClassPass we’re flexing our technical capabilities to push the future of fitness, especially as it relates to interactive, immersive experiences – nowhere is that more evident than with ClassPass Live. We’ve leveraged our unparalleled data assets and reviews to create one-of-a-kind, live programming anchored in heart rate training that’s unlike anything else on the market. By expanding into an at-home digital product, we’re able to offer existing members more value and flexibility in how and when they work out while simultaneously bringing studio fitness inspired workouts to more people nationwide.

Folks that subscribe to the product will get access to a starter kit, unlimited live workouts and a heart rate zone tracker.

ClassPass live will be available for $10/month to existing ClassPass subscribers and $15/month for standalone users, with yearly pricing at $99/year.

Part of the benefit of ClassPass Live is that the company can provide workouts to users without incurring the wholesale cost of buying spots in existing boutique classes. Plus, ClassPass Live allows the company to expand to a new market almost instantly without having to lay any groundwork.

The launch of ClassPass Live comes at an important time for the company. ClassPass recently changed up its pricing structure again with the introduction of credits. Instead of letting users buy a certain number of classes each month, ClassPass is now selling credits that can go toward buying classes, allowing for a dynamic pricing model.

While ClassPass has said that this product was well-received during six months of testing, some Twitter users have expressed disappointment with the new structure.

Still, ClassPass remains a dominant player in the fitness world, with $154 million in total funding.