$280 will get you a ‘Champagne Gold’ Kindle Oasis

I’m sure someone, somewhere out there was holding out on purchasing Amazon’s most premium Kindle reader because it wasn’t quite fancy enough for their taste. Perhaps this little garish addition will help push them over the edge.

The e-reader now comes in a “Champagne Gold” version, which you can read through your monocle while sitting on your yacht, fancy pants. Champagne, gold and e-ink reading, together at last, Richie Rich. Beyond that, it’s the exact same device as the standard Oasis — which is a good thing, because the Oasis is a very good e-reader.

Here are a bunch of words I wrote to that effect. 

The seven-inch reader has always been kind of a niche device — a sort of thought experiment into what an ultra-premium devoted e-reader would look like, with 300 PPI resolution, double the storage (starting at 8GB), a waterproof body and built-in Audible.

Of course, you can currently get that device for a starting price of $250 from Amazon, whereas the Champagne Gold edition version starts at $280. It’s not quite a diamond-encrusted Vertu, but it goes a way toward letting the world know that you take your e-reading seriously — Champagne Gold-seriously.

The reader’s up for pre-order now. It starts shipping March 22. Meantime, enjoy this tangentially related 1996 hit from Britpop superstars, Oasis.