Toshiba shows off an AR headset running on Windows 10

Today, Toshiba showed off an AR headset for the enterprise world called the dynaEdge. The unsexy headset is pretty unremarkable in most regards, what distinguishes it is the fact that there’s actually a full-blown Windows 10 Professional PC attached to it.

Coming in a $1,899 package, the product essentially weds a Google Glass-like heads-up display from Vuzix and a tethered battery-powered Windows 10 PC with a 6th gen Intel processor.

The headset just fits over one eye and users can easily push the display out of the way. It’s optimized for factory tasks which means that it’s great for moving through checklists and checking out images. The design won’t win workers any style points but it could easily mount to a hard hat and you don’t have to keep it in front of your eye at all times so it’s theoretically not as intrusive as products from others.

With an AR-optimized interface skin, enterprise customers can easily navigate through PDFs, live stream video of what they’re looking at, and scan through items using QR markers.

Some of the biggest issues for companies integrating AR headsets into their workforce have been related to training and getting the systems integrated into their IT security. Most headsets have been Android-based devices living in a world of Windows, Toshiba believes that by selling a Windows 10-based headset, they can make the process that much easier for enterprise customers looking at diving in.

The Toshiba name also offers a certain level of clout for enterprise customers who may be wary about buying from startups that have only been around for a few years.