Meet the women inventing the future in the TechMAKERS mini-series

MAKERS spotlights five women at the exhilarating forefront of technologies remaking our world, from AI to robotics to telepathy to deep space exploration. They are engineers and computer scientists at the top of their game in an industry where women make up only a quarter of technical jobs. They are exploding silicon ceilings and motivating a new generation of female “makers” to join their ranks and make an impact.

Ayanna Howard, Roboticist
Dr. Ayanna Howard has had a big impact on robotics. She’s one of the few black women in the field and she’s working on inventions with an eye on social impact, not science fiction.

Mary Lou Jepsen, Inventor, Entrepreneur
If anyone can make a Vulcan mind meld come true, it’s tech inventor Mary Lou Jepsen. With every new invention, she’s moving humanity closer to unlocking the mind for both health and communications purposes.

Diana Trujillo, Aerospace Engineer
Men can have the moon. As an engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Diana Trujillo is taking us to Mars. Trujillo’s work on the NASA Mars Curiosity Rover mission has given us our first close-up glimpses of Mars and clear evidence that the Red Planet was once capable of supporting life.

Fei-Fei Li, Professor at Stanford University & Chief Technologist at Google Cloud
Fei-Fei Li came to the U.S. from China at 16 with a love for science and she never looked back. Educated at Princeton and Caltech, her early work in robotics revolutionized machine learning and AI. Her focus on inclusion in tech careers and diversity in what we teach machines suggests that tomorrow’s robots won’t be sexist.

Limor Fried, Founder & CEO, Adafruit Industries
Electronics. Companies. Movements. Limor Fried can build anything. In fact, the MIT graduate loves sharing her ideas and the tools for creating them so much she created Adafruit Industries, a top-20 U.S. manufacturing firm and a global online community that follows her every machine-making move.

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