Now you can visit Disney Parks in the US through Google Street View

Special for kids — and importantly parents of kids — now you can get designs on visiting Disney — and dropping a small fortune in the process — thanks to Google Maps after it added Street View images for 11 Disney Parks.

The feature looks to cover parks in the U.S. only at this point, but that alone might help you relive a recent visit, or else familiarize yourself for the first/next one.

It’s been interesting to watch Google Maps develop into a tool for tourism. Particularly in Asia, governments and tourism boards have worked with Google to help bring popular destination and cultural landmarks onto the service. That’s in contrast to the West, where Maps had been seen as a service that poses significant privacy concerns — remember back in 2010 when Google sucked up personal data via its Street View cars?

Disney might not be a world wonder or cultural hotspot, but it definitely makes sense for the parks to have a more visual presence on Google Maps, and so here we are.

Don’t worry, trusted sources close to TechCrunch’s Matthew Panzarino have assured me that he will continue to make his annual visit to Disneyland to test Apple’s newest iPhone in real-world conditions despite this new tie-up with Google. Some things just can’t be digitized.