Dyson’s new Pure Cool fans are better at both purifying and communicating

Dyson has a few new products it’s revealing today, including the latest Pure Cool line of purifying fans. These fans have built-in air purifying technology, which can detect and weed out pollutants, particulate matter and more of the nasty stuff we sometimes breathe in that we probably should not be breathing in.

The new fans have a new built-in LCD display that actually shows you a graph of what’s going on with your air directly on the device: Basically, if you’re familiar with Dyson’s previously purifiers, they took the elements from the connected Dyson Link app and put them right on the screen so you no longer need to pull your phone out of your pocket to see the effect your purifier is having.

The info on the display updates in near real-time, too – during a demo, a Dyson engineer actually simulated a pollen explosion with a particulate dust and I watched the display spike to show it recognizing the new material, and then abate as it pumped up its purifying game to eliminate the new problem matter.

The new purifier also features a new filter design that’s meant to be easier to replace and more effective at trapping material from the air. There’s three times as much activated carbon in the new filter design, and greater overall surface area of the microfiber filter component that captures tiny particles pollutants.

Dyson says that the’ve also reinvented the testing process, working in China to introduce their testing method as a new standard that moves away from measuring the purifier’s efficacy in a small closed space, and towards showing how it’ll work in a more open room like it would encounter in the real world in someone’s home or apartment. It’s relatively easy to purify a small, closed box, Dyson says, since you can recirculate air that’s already been purified, cleaning it more each time. It hopes to introduce its more stringent testing method in North American and other markets, too, and is working with consumer good standards bodies there, too.

Dyson has also modified the design by introducing a new mode that will push air backwards instead of forwards, which was designed specifically to address customer concerns that using the existing purifier during the winter still resulted in cooler temperatures just by moving air around. Customers were actually turning their fans towards the wall, and sharing this tip on social media, which led Dyson to decide to integrate it directly into the product themselves instead.

The Dyson machines will show you how your house rates in terms of both larger particles and VOCs, too, giving you an easy way to identify what might be the cause of your ultimate problem with air quality.

Dyson’s new Pure Cool Tower is on sale for $549.99 US ($649.99 Canadian) and the desk version goes for $449.99 US ($549.99 Canadian).