Apple is launching its own medical clinics for its employees

Apple isn’t just a tech company as the company is now hiring doctors and other medical staff to create its own medical clinics. CNBC first spotted Apple’s new subsidiary, AC Wellness.

While AC Wellness’ website is still sparse, it doesn’t try to hide its connection with Apple, Inc. On the about page, there’s a big photo of Apple’s new spaceship campus. If you look at the source code on the contact page, it sends an email to an email address.

“AC Wellness Network, LLC. is a subsidiary of Apple, Inc. and is the dedicated management services organization (MSO) for AC Wellness Network, a dedicated independent medical group that serves Apple Wellness Centers in Santa Clara Valley,” you can read in job ads on “Our mission is to deliver the world’s best healthcare experiences for Apple employees.”

CNBC found two clinics in Santa Clara County, not far from Apple’s offices in Cupertino. In addition to making sure that your employees have everything they need to remain healthy, Apple could use this subsidiary to test new devices and services.

This isn’t the first time private companies form healthcare companies for their own employees. Amazon, JPMorgan Chase and Berkshire are teaming up to form their own healthcare company.

It’s yet another example that the healthcare system in the U.S. is broken. Big tech companies are now taking matters into their own hands. If you’re working for a big company, you’re going to be fine because they can help you with a wide range of benefits.

But everyone else is left behind. You don’t want to get laid off, work as a freelancer, work for a small and scrappy company or retire.