The leaked BlackBerry ‘Ghost’ is reportedly a high-end Android phone built for India

The clicky-clacky, full keyboard devices that spring to mind when you hear “BlackBerry” might be a thing of the past… but the brand lives on.

Famed gadget-unearther Evan Blass dug up a picture of an upcoming BlackBerry device said to be known as “Ghost.”

For those finding themselves saying “Wait, they still make BlackBerries?,” the answer is: yeah, sort of. BlackBerry Limited — the company formerly known as Research In Motion — stopped designing and building its own phones back in 2016, instead licensing the brand out to others. In most of the world, that’d be China’s mega-manufacturer, TCL.

In this case, though, the “Ghost” is being designed/built by the Delhi-based telecom, Optiemus, following a licensing agreement announced early last year. The catch there: there’s a pretty good chance this one will be exclusive to India.

Blass says that the device, which appears to have a rather slim bezel, will run Android — but that’s about all there is to know at this point.