Watch Jessica Jones grapple with being a hero in Netflix's Season 2 trailer


Netflix’s Jessica Jones is coming back for its second streaming season very soon, and there’s a new trailer you can watch to whet your appetite for the Marvel superhero show. This season looks like it picks up right where the last one left off (it includes some clips from the first series, in fact), but will focus even more on following Jones as she deals with her reluctance to adopt a heroic mantle.

All of Netflix’s Marvel characters, who together make up The Defenders and feature in the mini-series from last year of the same name, are a bit more quotidian in scope when compared to the high-flying Avengers. But Jones especially seems to be the most keen on avoiding self-describing as a “hero,” and instead proclaims (as she does in this very trailer) to be primarily concerned with just making a living.

Based on what little this trailer gives us to go on, it seems like the main narrative action of this season will involve a turning point where Jones has to embrace the heroic role in order to protect her friends, but it’s vague enough that who knows what that means. We’ll find out March 8, however, when the second season becomes available for streaming in its entirety.