This team turned an entire room into a massive four-player game of Pong

It’s been over 45 years (!) since Pong debuted. At this point, you wouldn’t have a hard time finding someone who grew up playing it.

But they probably haven’t played it like this.

Canadian multimedia studio Moment Factory turned Pong into a massive, full-room experience with a twist: Each paddle is controlled by two people working together.

The game starts off like Pong as you know it, with a ball whizzing back and forth across the 40×60 play space. As you volley it to and fro, however, challenges are thrown in: the ball speeds up, splits in two, the ball grows/shrinks in size, etc.

Visuals are projected onto the floor from above, with a LIDAR sensor (that big spinning can you’ll see strapped onto self-driving cars) detecting where players are within a space.

So, where can you play it yourself? Unfortunately, probably… nowhere, at this point. While Moment Factory demonstrated it publicly at a video mapping convention in Montreal, it sounds like the game is going back into their labs for now. Meanwhile, they suggest that other Arcade-style experiments are on the way.

[via Engadget]