Overwatch is free to play this weekend on all platforms

Overwatch wasn’t what you’d call a “surprise” hit — everyone knew it was going to wipe the floor with its immediate competition. But unlike a lot of games, it still costs money. If you’ve been meaning to give it a shot but don’t feel like shelling out the $40, this weekend the game is free to play on all platforms (PC, PS4, Xbone) with no restrictions. I guess it’s a Valentine’s Day promotion. Why not, right?

Download Battle.net and register to get started; you can pre-download the game starting tomorrow, with free play beginning midday Friday.

It’s as good a time to jump in as ever, since the game is constantly evolving as new heroes are added, maps and modes multiply and Mercy is nerfed, buffed, re-nerfed and so on.

The game can be a little overwhelming at first, but players with similar or non-existent records will be matched with each other so you don’t get steamrolled by pros.

All the characters play very differently, so you might want to pick someone meaty and straightforward, like Soldier 76, Roadhog or Reaper while you get a handle on things. Stick with your team, and stick to the objective! I’ll see you in game.