The creator of Snoo, the $1,200 high-tech bassinet just came out with a baby swaddle

“Five-second” baby swaddle Sleepea (pronounced “sleepy”) is a sleep sack for your little one promising to be more efficient and effective than the other swaddles on the market. This is the second product to debut from Happiest Baby founder Dr. Harvey Karp, the creator of the Snoo, a $1,200 robot bassinet that rocks and vibrates your baby to sleep.

The swaddle is more of a low-tech item included on the list of things Dr. Karp mentions in his book and program “The Happiest Baby on the Block” to can keep your baby soothed and sleeping through the night.

Dr. Karp’s program suggests five “S’s”: Swaddle, Side or Stomach position, Shush, Swing and Suck. Swaddling as a measure to keep babies calm and comforted was nearly unheard of a few years ago and you couldn’t even buy a swaddle in the U.S. in 2002. Dr. Karp is credited with kicking off the swaddle movement among parents and says he wanted to expand on his product offerings after not finding the kind of swaddle he wished were on the market for parents.

“Swaddling is the cornerstone for comforting babies,” he says. “But the current blankets all have problems. They unravel, they overheat, the don’t restrict the arms properly.”

He does include a sleep sack with the Snoo, but that sack is made specifically to hook into the bassinet. Sleepea is a standalone product anyone can use, whether or not they have the Snoo.

Sleepeas come in three sizes: small (5-12 lb), medium (12-18 lb) and large (18-25 lb) and four star-sprinkled colors — teal, rose, graphite and sky blue

Features of the Sleepea include:

  • Design that won’t unravel and stays on snug (other swaddles tend to be loose clothes that babies can escape from or cover their faces.
  • Hip Safe — provides ample room in the hip area for healthy, growing joints.
  • Breathable mesh to prevent risky overheating.
  • Quiet velcro so baby won’t be startled awake when changing their diaper.
  • Zips two ways to make diaper changes and getting out of it easier.
  • Comes with “smart” bands, which keep the baby’s arms in place and keeps them in position through the night — no Houdini escape artists here.
  • Made with organic cotton.

The Sleepea promises parents can get babies in and out of it in five seconds or less. And, unlike the pricier Snoo, the swaddle can be purchased for a mere $24 at retail stores like Walmart, and Amazon. Compare that to other swaddles with similar features like SwaddleMe ($27 at Target) or the Halo SleepSack ($22 at Amazon).

There are also some more high-tech products Dr. Karp plans to release in the future, including a sleep logger for the Snoo so parents can see how much sleep and the quality of sleep babies are getting. He also mentioned he planned to move to a rental, rather than a purchase, model for the Snoo and possibly other higher-end baby tech products in the future — so be sure to look for that.