Wildmoka grabs $8 million to help you clip live video in real time

Meet Wildmoka, a French startup that wants to streamline video editing during live events. Wildmoka is particularly useful for broadcasting companies that want to share highlights of live TV programs on social networks.

The company just raised an $8 million Series A round led by Alven Capital, with existing investor Apicap also participating.

Clients tend to use Wildmoka for all sorts of programming, from sports to entertainment. Customers include NBC Sports, NBC News, France Télévisions, Canal+, Fox, Orange, beIN Sports and more. They use the service to cut and publish clips on multiple platforms at the same time — it can be social network accounts, a website or a mobile app.

Wildmoka is also betting on web-based products so that anybody can use them. The startup is aware that social teams and video teams are often two different teams. That’s why social teams need easy-to-use tools because video is not necessarily their core focus. You can cut clips in your browser and share without ever leaving the service.

Alven Capital partner Raffi Kamber also thinks that there is a big opportunity when it comes to leveraging machine learning with live video. This way, sharing clips could be even more automatized.

Some clients also use Wildmoka in customer-facing services. For instance, if you’re producing an award show, you might want to let your users share clips from the app to comment on the show with their friends.

Wildmoka already has five offices, and the company plans to grow its customer base and work on product improvements. And each customer is probably worth quite a bit of money.