Apple saw $5.5 billion in revenue from AirPods, Watches, TVs and other products last quarter

Other than its iPhones and computers, Apple sells a bunch of other products, like the AirPods, Apple Watch, Apple TV, Beats products, iPod Touch and, most recently, the HomePod. In Q1 2018, Apple saw $5.5 billion in revenue for these other products, an increase of 36 percent year over year.

That increase suggests Apple’s Watch Series 3, which it launched this past September, and its AirPods are selling well.

In Q4 2017, Apple sold just $3.2 billion worth of other products. To be clear, these revenues do not include pre-sales for the HomePod, which starts shipping February 9 for $349.

Apple’s revenue in Q1 2018 was $88.3 billion, so sales from other products make up a small portion of the company’s overall revenue. Still, $5.5 billion is not a small amount of money.

Apple’s biggest revenue-driver this quarter was, unsurprisingly, the iPhone, followed by services, which includes AppleCare, Apple Music and other services. In Q1 2018, Apple sold $61.6 billion worth of iPhones and $8.5 billion worth of services.