Watch the first trailer for ‘Mute’, a futuristic thriller from Duncan Jones

After a bit of a misstep with Warcraft, director Duncan Jones has a new movie that he’s describing as a successor to his debut Moon.

To be clear, I kind of liked Warcraft, and it made a lot of money in China. Still, most critics hated it, and the film bombed in the U.S.

And whether you appreciated Warcraft or not, Mute looks like Jones’ return to a more cerebral and personal approach to science fiction. He recently tweeted that he sees the movie as his Don Quixote, something he’s been hoping to make since 2003.

He also credited Netflix for taking an old-school approach: “Don’t make 4 quad ‘please everyone’ homogenous blobs! Make films filmmakers are passionate about & let the audience find them!”

The first trailer shows just a few glimpses of Mute‘s futuristic Berlin, where Alexander Skarsgard (playing the mute bartender who gives the film its title) searches for his missing girlfriend and crosses paths with colorful characters played by Paul Rudd and Justin Theroux (sporting some amazing wigs and facial hair).

Mute will be released on Netflix on February 23.