Twitter now lets advertisers sponsor publishers’ Moments

Twitter has added a new advertising product to its lineup. The company announced today it’s offering brands the ability to sponsor Moments – the “Stories”-like feature that includes a series of tweets, often including images, GIFs and video – from select publishers. The first Sponsored Moment is already live, Twitter says, and the feature is now broadly available to all publishers who participate in In-Stream Sponsorships worldwide.

Currently, Bloomberg’s Moment about Davos is being sponsored by Bank of America – the first to publicly launch. However, Twitter says it had been testing the feature before today with select partners.

 Sponsored Moments give the advertiser the ability to add a branded cover image to the Moment in question, as well as insert their own brand’s tweets into the Moment’s round-up.

As with other In-Stream Sponsorships, the Moment can also be promoted and targeted towards a specific audience using Twitter’s advertising tools.

Like In-Stream Sponsorships, the goal with the new program is to connect brands one-on-one with partner content in a customized fashion, where there’s “tight alignment” between the advertiser and that content, Twitter says.

“We know that decision-makers and influencers are turning to Twitter to keep up with what’s happening at Davos. Sponsored Moments gives us a great new way to seamlessly join that conversation as it is happening,” said Meredith Verdone, chief marketing officer at Bank of America, said in a statement. “Working with Bloomberg and Twitter helps us bring high-quality, relevant content to an engaged global audience. We’re excited to debut Moments as a key part of our #WEF programming.”

The publisher partners available for Sponsored Moments include those with substantial audiences, like TV networks, sports leagues, and digital publishers.

Pricing details and the split were not immediately available, but we’ll update when we have more. (Twitter, to be fair, may be a little busy today.)

Update: The costs to sponsor a Moment will vary depending on the client, event, industry or audience, and the revenue share will also be custom to the deal at hand.