Equity podcast: Dropbox and Xiaomi want to go public, and how big is Telegram’s ICO?

Hello and welcome back to Equity, TechCrunch’s venture capital-focused podcast where we unpack the numbers behind the headlines.

This week was a corker. Our co-host Matthew Lynley is back, Katie and myself were on hand, and our guest, Shruti Gandhi from Array Ventures, was brilliant.

And the news gods were kind, as there was quite a lot to get through. First, we looked into the Dropbox IPO. Dropbox has reportedly filed confidentially to go public, meaning that the company’s long dance towards the public markets is nearing its conclusion.

But what will it be worth when it does go public? That is the new Silicon Valley parlor game. We looked over some maths regarding its prior valuation, its recent revenue, and a current public-market comp. The result: billions, but not quite 10.

Moving along, Xiaomi is on the path to an IPO, as well. And the rumor in its case is that the firm could hit a $100 billion valuation. We talked through its product position and focus on smaller margins than it might. Where the IPO will land, geographically, is a good next question, and Hong Kong or New York are its possible answers.

All that and we dug into the Telegram ICO, a billion-dollar-plus transaction that could see a popular app take part in the bubbling token industry. Why is Telegram pursuing an IPO? That’s a great question, it turns out.

All that and we tell some jokes. Hit play and we will chat you all in a week!

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