Dish is getting Google Assistant voice control soon

Add this to the ever-growing list of stuff getting Google Assistant functionality at this year’s CES. After bringing Alexa voice control to its services back in May, Dish announced today that it will be doing the same with Google’s AI offering.

The feature is arriving on the company’s Hopper, Joey and Wally devices at some unspecified time in the first half of this year. That means that users will be able to control their HD receivers with voice controls, once they’re paired to an Assistant-enable device like Google Home speakers, Android handsets and the ever-growing army of third-party devices with the offering baked-in.

The controls are pretty much what you’d expect — you can request specific channel names or numbers, find shows and movies by name or actor, fast forward, pause, resume and the like. Notably, the offering also marks the first time the systems can be controlled in both English and Spanish.

The new integration comes a few months after the company began shipping its new voice control remote with all of its Hopper DVRs.