Sony launches a bunch of new headphones and adds Google Assistant functionality to the line

Sony is really Sonying it up at CES this year, announcing a deluge of devices at the show this week. CES has always been a big show for the company’s TV and audio lines, and this year’s no different. The company’s got a bunch of announcements on the headphone front, including, most notably, the addition of Google Assistant functionality to a bunch of different models.

The list features seven new models, including a couple announced at the show today: WH-1000XM2, WI-1000X, WF-1000X, WF-SP700N, WI-SP600N, WH-CH700N, WH-H900N. You get pretty much what you’d expect from the smart assistant — taking calls, requesting music and the like. It’s just the latest sign of Google’s completely unavoidable presence at this year’s show.

The MDR-1AM a new premium pair of cans from the company — essentially the successor the similarly named MDR-Z1R. The headphones deliver the companies favorite audio buzz term “Hi-Res Audio.” In this case, that means that the headphones are capable of playing back music at up to 100 kHz frequencies.

The headphones have a new 40mm HD driver from the company on-board for fuller sound reproduction. Those will be available at some point in the spring for $300.

The company’s also launching a trio of Bluetooth earbuds around the same timeframe. There’s not a ton of distinguishing factors between the models. The WF-SP700N is priciest of the bunch at $180. Those are also the only fully wireless models in the group, with no cables tethering the two buds together.

They’re not exactly slim, either — they look to protrude a bit outside of the ear. They do, however, sport active noise cancelling and a splashproof design, which should come in handy when taking thes thing along for a run. The earbuds only get three hours of life on a charge, but like most of their brethren, ship with charging case. That should boost the total up to nine.

The WI-SP600N are a tethered pair with the same noise canceling tech and IP slash proof rating as the pricier pair. They should get around six hours of battery life. At $80, the WI-SP500 are easily the cheapest pair of the bunch and offer the longest standalone battery life at eight hours.