Nuheara announces $200 wireless earbuds with active noise-canceling

Nuheara is at CES showing off the smart earbud company’s newest hearables. The battle to take-on Apple’s wildly-popular wireless earbuds is a tough one for emerging companies, but Nuheara is hoping that it can leverage active noise canceling to attract consumers away from AirPods.

With Doppler Labs shutting down last year, the company is now one of the more vocal companies left in the smart wireless earbud space. Nuheara has a particular focus on the way its software can help users boost their hearing. The small public company’s IQBuds offer a similar feature set to other products on the market that look to leverage recent legislation giving headphone-makers more freedom to market hearing-aid/headphone hybrids as over-the-counter solutions for consumers with hearing loss.

At CES, Nuheara is filling out their line of products with an entry-level sub-$200 product called LiveIQ which should allow them to better approach the market that Apple has opened up with AirPods while offering the promise of active noise canceling as an added evolution.

The company is also teasing IQBuds Boost, a new high-end model that brings souped-up audio with more present bass to the company’s signature line. No details on pricing for the high-end model yet, but the regular IQBuds retail for $299.

IQBuds Boost

As the company builds out a more extensive product line to approach consumers at different price points, they’re also looking to software upgrades to give consumers an easy way to get started utilizing the smart features on the IQBuds Boost earbuds. The new Ear ID technology that the company is introducing will automatically calibrate the earbuds to the unique sound profile of the user’s hearing.

We haven’t had a chance to try out Nuheara’s latest products, but as with other smart hearing products, these headphones are generally for a very specific type of consumer with Nuheara looking very strongly at consumers looking to correct their hearing as well.

IQBuds Boost are launching in April of this year while Nuheara is aiming to ship the LiveIQ buds before summer.