Hulu and Steven Spielberg are bringing back ‘Animaniacs’

Hulu will be resurrecting 90s animated cartoon hit Animaniacs. Yes, Yakko, Wakko and Dot Animaniacs, from the 90s. In this bizarre twist, which is probably designed to activate some kind of nostalgia center in the brains of 90s kids who are now of child-rearing age, executive producer Steven Spielberg is returning in the same role, and Hulu will also be streaming all existing 99 episodes of Animaniacs, along with Pinky and the Brain, Pinky, Elmira and the Brain and Tiny Toon Adventures, all of which are available today.

The new episodes are set to start streaming in 2020, so there’s a couple of years left to wait, but that gives you time to catch up on the existing series. Those hit the air starting in 1993, which makes me feel very old, and also I can’t help thinking about them without tasting peanut butter sandwiches in the back of my throat.

This is not the future I was expecting, and honestly it’s probably better than we deserve.