FCC issues final version of order eliminating net neutrality rules

The FCC has released the final text of the order it voted on last month that is set to undo the net neutrality rules established in 2015. This is the text that will enter the federal register and the official final wording of the new rules and justification thereof.

The version you might have read through ahead of the vote was a near-final draft, released as part of Chairman Ajit Pai’s decision to expose a bit more of the inner workings of the Commission; changes will likely have been made, but without close scrutiny it may not be clear what those changes are just yet.

In addition to the full, final text of the rule, also released today is Commissioner Mignon Clyburn’s full dissenting statement, which lays out in greater detail her reasons for opposing “Restoring Internet Freedom.” Other Commissioners may add their own more detailed support documents as well.

I (and many others) will be poring over these documents for the next hours and days; check back for any updates on this story.

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