The identity politics of emoji

Welcome back to CTRL+T, TechCrunch’s latest weekly podcast in which Megan Rose Dickey and I pick the stories we thought were interesting enough to talk to you about.

This week we wondered if cell phones can adversely affect your health (or kill you), the goggles of Magic Leap and the problem Twitter has with the hateful people on its platform.

Then later in the ep, Megan chats up Jeremy Burge, the Aussie founder of Emojipedia. Importantly, they talk about whether the plural of “emoji” is “emoji” or “emojis.” You know you’ve been wondering. They also discussed the need for a pedia for emoji, Simpsons yellow and the skin-shade politics of mobile communication. “Having things skewed heavily toward white men is a weird keyboard — that’s not cool,” he says. It’s complicated.

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