Here is the first official Ready Player One trailer

Ready Player One, the Ernest Cline book sensation that was, in part, the inspiration for Oculus VR, has been turned into a movie ready to hit the big screen in March. And today, we’ve gotten the first official trailer for the movie.

There are some very mild spoiler alerts ahead, so if you’re hyper sensitive you can click this link to watch the trailer without reading on.

Ready Player One tells the story of Wade Watts, a teenager living in 2045 who’s only escape from the overcrowded real world is through an existence in virtual reality. The universal platform for virtual reality is called the Oasis, and following the death of its creator, the Oasis and several hundred boatloads of money are up for grabs by way of a contest set up by the late founder.

The book is one of my personal favorites and Steve Spielberg, director of the movie, hopes the film will live up to the novel’s reputation.

At San Diego Comic Con, Spielberg released a preview trailer that focused on exposition — what does the world look like in 2045? This latest trailer gets deeper into the actual plot line of the film.

March, can you get here already?