New Altered Carbon trailer thickens the plot for Netflix’s new sci-fi series

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The new trailer for Netflix’s latest science fiction series, Altered Carbon, finally gives viewers a window into the plot for its first season.

Like the Richard K. Morgan cyberpunk novel on which it’s based, the first run of shows will focus on solving a murder most foul.

In a world where the rich and elite can have their consciousness transferred to other bodies, essentially granting immortality, a billionaire has been murdered.

Seeking justice from beyond the grave, the victim turns to a soldier and ex-con to find his killer.

The show looks great and the “rich-get-immortality-through-body-snatching” premise is a trope that always plays well (even if it does strike a little too close to home these days).

Look for the show to be all over your Netflix homepage in February, 2018.