Inflect raises $3M seed round to make buying internet infrastructure easier

Inflect, a startup that wants to make it easier for businesses to buy their own internet infrastructure, today announced that it has raised a $3 million seed funding round. The service, which is still in preview, provides business with the necessary data to make their purchasing decisions when they go out and look for their own data center space, networking services and exchange providers.

Investors in this round include the likes of Greenpoint Technologies’ Jon Buccola Sr, Weebly CTO Chris Fanini, Server Central CEO Jordan Lowe, Global Communications Network CEO Chris Palermo and — somewhat surprisingly — Cruise Automation CTO Kyle Vogt (who was also Twitch’s former CEO).

“We’re fortunate to have investors who understand both the buy and sell sides of our industry,” said Inflect co-founder and CEO Mike Nguyen in a canned statement. “They understand how challenging it is to buy colocation, managed and network services. As industry insiders, they’ve all wasted time and money due to lack of access to accurate data and the right service provider contacts needed to source the right solutions.”

Inflect itself remains in preview, but the company says that it now includes verified data from over 40 service providers and 4,000 data centers around the world. The company itself estimates that this covers about 80 percent of the globally available public infrastructure.

It’s worth noting that this kind of data is typically very hard to get — and most companies never had an incentive to offer an API to allow others to aggregate their data (Cruise Automation’s Kyle Vogt describes the industry as “infuriatingly opaque“). Data and telco services have traditionally been bought manually, but Inflect, which was founded by a team of infrastructure veterans, aims to change this. For now, it’s mostly aggregating this data, but over time, it will surely try to allow its users to buy services right from its catalog, too.