AWS adds Global Tables feature to share data across multiple geographies

Customers using AWS’ Amazon DynamoDB to store data have two new services to help make their applications work better and more quickly in more regions around the world.

The first is a Global Tables feature that allows AWS customers to automatically replicate tables across different AWS regions. Tech companies are already global businesses, but sometimes their data isn’t as distributed as their customer base.

The Global Tables feature solves that problem so data that was initially generated in the U.S. doesn’t have to be replicated in the Eurozone.

To access the global tables feature, customers don’t need to change any code. They simply send write requests (and eventually consistent read requests) to a DynamoDB endpoint in any specified region. DynamoDB will initiate multi-master writes and ensure the last write to an item is the one that takes precedence.

The other new feature related to Amazon DynamoDB is a one-click full backup capability. Any application will remain online and available at full speed, according to the company. The backups met long-term retention and archival regulatory requirements.