Uber is partially banned in Tel Aviv

A Tel Aviv district court has banned two of Uber’s services in the city following a court ruling in a case between the transportation company, the Ministry of Transportation and the Taxi Driver Union, Reuters reports.

The court specifically banned UberDay and UberNight, the company’s private-car services in Tel Aviv. UberTaxi, which enables passengers to request rides via licensed taxi drivers, is not affected.

In the court, lawyers on behalf of The Ministry and Taxi Driver Union brought up concerns around insurance coverage for riders who choose UberDay or UberNight. The ruling comes after the Ministry of Transportation issued an indictment against Uber in May, alleging Uber was operating without a government license.

UberX, the service that enables everyday people to drive their own cars and pick up passengers for a fee, had already been deemed illegal in Tel Aviv. That’s why Uber launched pilot services UberNight and UberDay, which required passengers to pay the private drivers reimbursement fees for expenses, including fuel.

“While we are ending our UberNIGHT and UberDAY pilots, we will continue to offer UberTAXI in Israel,” an Uber spokesperson told TechCrunch. “We are committed to working with the Israeli authorities to explore how technology can improve our cities with safe and affordable transportation alternatives.”