Raden is betting sticker mania will stick in the physical world

While smart suitcase startup Raden is inarguably a hardware company, they’ve decided to test the social waters by diving headfirst into the world of stickers.

The company is launching a sticker store in their mobile app, which lets customers order physical stickers that once delivered can be can be affixed to their suitcases. The app lets you preview what the stickers will look like on your suitcase before you order them, and the startup sees it as a “way of bringing digital stickers to life outside of a screen, but by still retrieving them in the digital world.”

Raden came up with the idea after they saw customer buying 3rd party stickers and using them to decorate their suitcases. It was a chance to facilitate the behavior that people were already taking part in, as well as reinvigorate user engagement around a product that has a pretty long life time.

Most people buy a suitcase and forget about the company or brand for the next five years until they need a new one. Raden’s sticker shop is a chance for the startup to keep a relationship with customers long past the purchase date, especially if they keep releasing new stickers and make it something where customers want to continually order more.

Users get five free stickers each time they pair a new Raden suitcase to their app, but the startup will likely soon add an option letting you buy additional ones.

In the first week live over 1,000 current Raden customers ordered stickers, and the startup also saw a jump in app downloads from people who don’t yet own a Raden but wanted to play with the sticker store. This means stickers could end up leaving to a significant source of new customers if these downloaders decide to purchase a Raden after testing the app. This makes sense – people love stickers. Just ask the chat app Line, which makes hundreds of millions of dollars a year from selling them.

Raden’s sticker store is launching with 10 sticker packs from designers and brands like Mira Mikati, Baja East and Bono’s (RED). There’s also a monogram pack which lets you customize your suitcase with your own initials.