Hitlist lands on Android to help you find bargain travel deals

Hitlist, an app that serves up bargain-priced flights and travel deals, has finally winged its way to Android after years on iOS and the web.

The service is simple: you tell it where you live and it will sort through millions of deals from travel partners to find you discounted flights to nearby destinations that you can go ahead and book from your phone.

A more sophisticated feature inside the app lets you keep a list of running list of destinations you’d like to visit. You key in some basic details, such as tentative dates and price, and when a related deal pops up, the app will notify you, giving you one less excuse to avoid booking that dream trip.

The advanced feature — which requires users to register for a Hitlist account — also includes social features that let you view friends’ lists, destination guides, flexible\fuzzy date searches and hotel booking options. The more info you feed Hitlist, the better it becomes at figuring out what you’re into. It’s a beautiful virtuous travel circle that’s intended to plunk you on the beach, or another exotic location, with extra cash in your pocket, too.

Histlist began four years ago out of a hackathon project and, having faithfully served iOS device owners and web users via its highly addictive Wantertab Chrome extension, it is now making the move to Android devices to reach more deal-seekers.

You can download it for Android right here.

“We’ve always wanted to have apps out there for both major platforms. Android is more complicated to support thanks to the variety of screen sizes and versions, but users of our other products, like Wandertab, have been asking for it for years, so we had to do this for them,” Gillian Morris, CEO of TripCommon — the startup that operates Hitlist — said in a statement.

Morris told TechCrunch that the service has saved its customers over $20 million in travel deals since it started out.