GoPro Fusion 360 camera now shipping, some software features not launching until ‘early 2018’

After officially announcing the device at an event in late September, GoPro is now shipping its 360-degree Fusion camera to the U.S. and Europe.

The company’s first shot at spherical photography features a 5.2K camera that shoots video at 30 frames (also 3K at 60 frames) and retails for a quite hefty $699 (€749.99 in Europe). In terms of stills, Fusion will be able to capture 18MP photos. Other features include voice control, optical image stabilization and being waterproof at up to 16 feet.

GoPro is looking to grab the attention of people looking to capture footage at more traditional aspect ratios as well with this camera. The feature “Overcapture” allows users to easily grab a window of the 360-degree video that showcases a unique perspective.

Unfortunately early buyers are going to have to wait until “early 2018” to get their hands on the mobile Overcapture capabilities which allows people to use a phone’s gyroscope to find the frame they wanted by physically moving the phone around. Users will be able to make these edits on desktop in the mean time in Fusion Studios and Adobe Premiere. Visualization presets like “Tiny Planet” and “PanoFlow” also won’t be available at launch.