Polish startup Displate raises raises 2 million Euro to decorate your abode

Noted futurists like Arthur C. Clarke and Carl Sagan got a lot of things right when they predicted things like genetic splicing, transatlantic communications, the Internet. But what these eggheads didn’t predict was the burgeoning market for metallic posters. That’s where the wizards at Displate got it right.

Displate is a Polish company with almost $10 million in worldwide sales. They sell posters printed on metal, a quirky little product that should give all of us who ones unrolled a Green Day poster on our dorm room wall a twinge of jealousy. They have a number of themes, including video games, vintage designs, and even “multi-plate” products that can over whole walls. They also feature heroes from the DC Comics universe.

Founded by Karol Banaszkiewicz, Jacek Świgost, and Edward Ruszczyc the company raised 2 million Euros from Prague-based Credo Ventures to expand the business and build some truly custom customer solutions.

The origin story is a classic tale of three friends going global, much like the Backstreet Boys without Howie.

“The project came to life due to three friends meeting over and over again after hours and brainstorming how we can build something big,” said Banaszkiewicz. “Edward was the one who designed the product, I was the one to build the platform and growth strategy, and Jacek knew how to build organizations that scaled. It was like a small puzzle with three pieces that came together to build something very scalable.”

The company is also planting trees for every poster sold. Given that their process actually destroys no trees they’ve got a net-net positive going on. Not bad for a little poster company from Poland.