Intel and AMD partner on graphics and CPU combo to challenge Nvidia

Intel is working with AMD to produce a chip for notebook computers that pairs an Intel CPU with an AMD graphics processor, with a small, lightweight design that can nonetheless handle heavy graphics requirements for top-tier video games.

This team-up may seem like kind of a no-brainer, but AMD and Intel actually haven’t collaborated since the ’80s, according to analyst Patrick Moorhead speaking to The Wall Street Journal. Instead, AMD and Intel have been pretty fierce rivals, vying for the PC processor market, though Intel has pretty much always been on top in that race.

Intel’s primary challenger seems to be Nvidia these days, however, as the graphics card maker has accelerated its AI and machine learning business, while also continuing to delivery industry-leading graphics cards for consumer and enterprise computers.

AMD has pressed Nvidia on its GPU business lately, introducing products designed to fit similar functions, and this new Intel product which eliminates the requirement for a beefy standalone graphics card will give it some additional space to grow, while making it possible for PC makers to build designs that don’t require the space and heat sink requirements of a full-fledged graphics card.

Basically, it seems like Intel is willing to partner with one of its oldest rivals in order to help stave off one of its top current ones in the bargain. The good news is, consumers should benefit.