The Loog Pro allows children to shred their faces off and/or shout the devil


Children who are about to rock, we salute you. The Loog Pro is a guitar made just for kids and features three strings that can be tuned in various open tunings for easy playing. The original Loog guitar was an acoustic marvel, small enough for a toddler but enough versatile for older players. This new Pro model, which costs $199 online, basically cleans up the concept and offers a very playable and light instrument for kids who want to rock out.

My kids learned on Loog before they moved to six-string guitars and, like the Populele, the Loog offers easy lessons for beginners. I could also see this as being a hit in schools simply because the guitar is very easy to store and pass out to eager strummers. Each guitar includes a little pack of cards to learn songs and chords and there are plenty of online resources for beginning players.

The creator, Rafael Atijas, built the first Loog in 2010 after realizing that kids were so dedicated to electronics that they forgot the musical arts. Now, seven years later, the company is going strong with a full product line of guitars for kids (and adults). Watch below as I shred a little Loog in my sweet home studio.