Clutter, the on-demand storage company, will now offer in-city moving

Moving is one of the most stressful life events you can go through. But Clutter, the on-demand storage startup based in LA, is looking to make that a little more pleasant.

Today, Clutter is announcing its expansion into the world of moving, offering in-city moving for $65/mover/hour.

The company currently employs more than 270 people, many of whom are W2 movers who handle Clutter’s on-demand storage service.

That service allows users to go on the web or place a call to Clutter to select a storage plan, with options for item storage, or storage that would fit the contents of a garage, studio, 1BR, or entire home. After the user selects their plan, they schedule a time for Clutter movers to come by their place and pack up their stuff.

Clutter handles everything, from the bubble wrap to the photos cataloging items to communicating the status of the storage process to the user. For example, Clutter lets users know during the actual packing process that their storage space is nearing 75 percent full, as the Clutter mover app measures items as they’re photographed.

Given the company’s expertise in handling your real-world items, it only makes sense that the company would get into the moving game.

In fact, some users were purchasing a month worth of storage and labor in order to effectively ‘hack’ the Clutter system to work for moving, according to founder and CEO Ari Mir.

“The key to five-star service is to say ‘yes’ as much as possible,” said Mir. “When people asked us to help them move, it pained us to say ‘no.'”

Today, the company no longer has to.

Customers interested in moving with Clutter can simply hit up the website and answer a questionnaire, or call Clutter to talk through their inventory. Historically, taking inventory and getting a quote are the biggest pain points of using a moving company.

Oftentimes, the math of the price is convoluted, with different fees based on the amount of flights that need to be climbed, the time spent using the truck, the weight of various items, and more. Beyond that, folks still have a hard time relaying the exact volume of their items no matter how specific they try to be, which usually results in the originally quoted price jumping up to more than was expected.

Clutter wants to counter that with simple, upfront pricing of $65/mover/hour. After the call to take inventory, Clutter will assign the number of movers it thinks you need. From there, you are completely in charge of the situation. Clutter will do as much or as little as you’d like, from packing and unpacking to simply showing up, carrying your items, and dropping them off at your new place.

Clutter has raised $96.3 million, according to CrunchBase, and currently serves seven markets, including Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle, New Jersey and San Diego.

Editor’s Notes: An Earlier version of this post mistakenly said Clutter was based in New York. The post has been updated to reflect that Clutter is based in Los Angeles.