Unroll.Me brings its email management app to Android

Android users will now be able to battle junk mail and manage their email subscriptions using the new Android app from Unroll.Me.

To be clear, anyone with a smartphone could get the benefits of the service already. You just had to connect you email account, then use Unroll.Me’s features to unsubscribe to the emails you didn’t want and roll-up the rest into a single daily digest.

However, CEO Jojo Hedaya sounds particularly proud of his team’s app interface — first released on iOS and now on Android. The idea is to turn managing your subscriptions into a fun, Tinder-style interaction, where you swipe left to unsubscribe, swipe up to add a newsletter to your daily Rollup and swipe right to just keep it in your inbox.

“I’m very confident this is the best way to remove clutter from your inbox,” Hedaya said.

Do most people really have enough subscriptions for to do much swiping? Well, Unroll.Me says the average user has more than 62 subscriptions on signup. And aside from the swiping, the app also allows you to manage a list of all your subscriptions and read your Rollup.

Unroll.me unsubscribe

While you can get a lot done in the app, Hedaya emphasized that he’s not trying to replace a traditional email client.

“In my opinion, past [attempts] to solve the email client game went 75 percent of the way there,” he said. “I wanted to make sure that we had a separate solution that just helps you with email clutter.”

Like Unroll.Me’s other services, the Android app is available for free — the company is owned by Rakuten/Slice and makes its money from user data. (That got Unroll.Me into hot water earlier this year, and as a response, Hedaya has vowed to be more transparent.)