Let CrunchMatch curate your Disrupt Berlin experience

TechCrunch Disrupt events are famous for attracting the best and brightest minds the tech world has to offer. This December, Disrupt Berlin will be rife with opportunity both for startup founders in search of funding and venture capitalists eager to discover and invest in the next big thing. The tricky bit — for both groups — is finding the right fit amidst hundreds of companies and thousands of attendees. That’s why we created CrunchMatch.

CrunchMatch is a free, curated service that takes the guesswork out of Disrupt networking, saving you both time and shoe leather. It’s a highly efficient way to slash through the clutter and cut to the chase: private, one-on-one meetings with investors or startups. Here’s how it works.

When founders and investors sign up to attend Disrupt Berlin, they receive an invitation from our partner, Brella, to create a detailed profile. Founders provide info about their startup — such as category, stage, location and funding status — while investor profiles include things like investment categories, preferred funding stage and geographic preferences.

Brella employs an algorithm that makes short work of matching investors with founders based on the information they provided in their profiles. CrunchMatch recommends meetings and sends out invitations (which recipients can accept or decline). The service also makes it easy to reserve dedicated, private meeting spaces at Disrupt.

At its heart, CrunchMatch is a massive time-saver that gives you a way to squeeze the most juice out of your short time at Disrupt Berlin. For example, last September, Disrupt San Francisco 2017 hosted 485 startups and 5,000 attendees. Imagine the time it would take you to walk the show searching for suitable investors or founders. Needle, meet haystack.

Thanks to CrunchMatch’s algorithmic agility, more than 1,300 meetings took place at Disrupt SF. Of those investors who participated, 75 percent had follow-up meetings with companies they met at Disrupt. And 97 percent of both investors and founders said they’ll use the service again.

Here’s one final example of the power that is CrunchMatch: While attending Disrupt NY 2017, David Borish, co-founder of 360 neo, took advantage of CrunchMatch and found investors focused on seed investments. He’s talking with two about seed rounds, and a third investor may increase the stake to a Series A round.

Disrupt Berlin takes place December 4-5, 2017 at Arena Berlin, Eichenstraße 412435. Get your tickets today, accept your invitation for CruchMatch and get ready for your best Disrupt yet.