Watch the new trailer for ‘The Punisher,’ coming to Netflix Nov. 17

Netflix’s The Punisher finally has a solid release date: November 17. That’s not too far away, but in case you’re still impatient, check out this trailer for it, a brand new one released today that goes into the backstory of Frank Castle (aka The Punisher) in more detail than we’ve seen before, in either previous trailers or in his first appearance in season two of Daredevil.

I still think this show looks good, gritty and dark, with Bernthal’s portrayal looking as strong as ever. But the soundtrack to this is frankly (lol) horrible. Also, it’s worth noting that this trailer plays up Castle’s motivations and the more human side of the story, which could be an intentional choice given that The Punisher‘s New York ComicCon event was cancelled in the wake of the tragic Las Vegas shooting at the beginning of October.

Some had speculated that Netflix and Marvel might be reconsidering release timing for the The Punisher as a result of sensitivity around the show’s portrayal of gun violence and that catastrophic event, but a November 17 release date seems in line with its plans up until now.