Watch the first nine episodes of the Silicon Valley mockumentary ‘Bubbleproof’

We’re excited to be premiering a new mockumentary series about the startup world; watch the first nine episodes of Bubbleproof right here on TechCrunch.

The show stars founder Michael Fertik and David Cowan of Bessemer Venture Partners. Fertik and Cowan play fictionalized (?) versions of themselves — the successful entrepreneur who becomes even more insufferable when he takes charge of a $200 million fund, and the venture capitalist who’s eager to share in the spotlight.

Fertik and Cowan also co-wrote the series (which is a follow-up to the short films Femto-Management: A Micromentary and CI: A TEDD Talkumentary) and they took the stage at Disrupt SF to premiere the first episode. (Update: Martin Sweeney co-wrote, co-created and directed the series.)

“It’s about time that we make more fun of ourselves in Silicon Valley,” Fertik said.

Sure, there’s already HBO’s Silicon Valley, which does plenty of research in the real-world Silicon Valley (and has already put some of the industry’s more notable figures on-screen). But Bubbleproof goes even further in blurring the lines between reality and satire. In fact, the show’s crew was shooting backstage at Disrupt as its creators — in character as the Bubbleproof versions of themselves — prepared to go onstage.

Watch the trailer and the first four episodes of the series below. On Google AMP? Click here for a better view.


Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

We moved the next five episodes to a second post to ensure all platforms can handle multiple YouTube players. You can find them here.