Google is making Home better for families and kids

Google is bringing new features to Google Home so that kids and families can get more out of it.

The device will have some new kid-friendly features that brings story time and gaming to the device. Thanks to a new partnership with Disney, kids can enjoy some of the company’s IP branding from Lightning McQueen to Star Wars. The company is also working with partners like Warner Brothers and Sports Illustrated Kids so that there is always something new for kids to busy themselves with. The new kids vertical will soon be open to developers and these features will be arriving on Home later this month.

The company is adding family-linked account settings to the Google Home so that different permissions can be set through the Family Link service.

Another cool new feature for families is “Broadcast,” which will allow you to push voice messages and reminders across all of your Google Home devices. Tell Google, “Hey it’s time to get ready for school!” and the Home will push the message to all your devices. Google seems to imagine that every bedroom will have a Home Mini in it, so it obviously makes a lot more sense if your home is crawling with these devices.

Google is aiming to make home a less intimidating device, getting kids to enjoy it would be a major success. These latest updates are a first step but shows that they’re trying to make Google Home products a more familiar part of the family.