Google has sold 55M Chromecasts, and provided 100M+ answers via Assistant

Google announced on stage a few numbers to update its progress on its hardware program – the company said that it’s sold over 55 million Chromecast devices, including Chromecasts and hardware with Chromecast built-in and that it has built up a database of over 100 million answers for users via Google Assistant, its voice-powered AI software.

The other success metric that Google noted was that its Google WiFi mesh networking router is the top-seller in that category in both the U.S. and Canada. It’s still a relatively young category, but there are lots of entrants now, so that’s impressive.

Google didn’t share any specific numbers on WiFi sales, however, nor did it reveal numbers for Pixel sales, though it said that the smartphone is selling well – despite Google not being able to make enough.

Analyst estimates suggest that Pixel sales weren’t huge (not by a long shot) but it’s a start, and apparently Google is still eager to continue the program.