Smart mattress startup Eight shows off its Alexa integration

Sleep tech startup Eight has always aimed to connect its products (first a mattress cover, then an actual smart mattress) to the broader smart home ecosystem.

Most recently, it launched a new Alexa skill that allows Eight owners to use the Echo and other Amazon devices to interact with their mattress, both to control it (say by adjusting the temperature) and to access their sleep data.

We visited the Eight office in New York to see the Alexa integration in action, and to talk to co-founder and CEO Matteo Franceschetti about his vision for the company.

“You don’t even need to touch your phone — you can just ask Alexa how you slept,” Franceschetti said. “Or you can ask Alexa to start warming your bed and Alexa will do it automatically for you.”

You can see more of our interview and brief demo in the video above. Pricing for Eight’s lineup for smart mattresses starts at $699.