PlayStation VR is getting a little hardware update

Sony has announced that they’ll soon be shipping an updated version of the PlayStation VR headset. Don’t get too feverishly excited — the additions are relatively minor. though they do solve some issues that have been plaguing owners of the original hardware for a bit.

This update is coming to Japan later this month and will eventually be coming stateside, but no exact details on timing yet.

The most noticeable update is that the headphones have been integrated directly into the headset. This simplifies the cable tangle from the back of the headset quite a bit and provides a  much sleeker look for the back of the headset in general.

Functionality-wise the big update is really that the external processor unit box will now allow for HDR pass-through so users won’t have to disconnect the unit in order to utilize HDR features on the compatible PS4 or PS4 Pro.

Again, these updates aren’t going to change anybody’s lives, but as more and more companies bet on HDR, making PS VR users disconnect their VR setup just to access the feature was obviously going to be a cause for concern. For existing owners wanting to get the most out of their HDR functionality, it doesn’t look like you’ll be able to just purchase the upgraded processor unit, according to the system’s FAQs page.