M8 wants your friends to be the matchmaker

Forget algorithms. M8 is a dating app that’s powered by human matchmakers. And these aren’t just any matchmakers, they’re your friends!

M8 is unveiling its concept for a different dating app at TechCrunch Disrupt’s Battlefield competition in San Francisco.

With M8, friends can look through dating apps to find the perfect match for their friends. And if they’re successful, they can be rewarded with gifts and, more importantly, the satisfaction of finding their best friend a new lover.

Stephen Liu, co-founder and CEO, said he had the idea because he and his wife started dating after a friend vouched for him. So he co-founded the platform with his wife, Linda.

Mr. Liu says that today’s “online dating is flawed.” He believes “the best matches come from people.”

In a world where Tinder matches are based on photos, he believes that a personal written endorsement from a friend will provide so much more.

Before founding M8, Mr. Liu founded a luxury lifestyle events company called PrivyCircle.com. He has also worked in the U.S.-China textile business. Mrs. Liu was an art director in the television industry.

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So far they’ve raised about $700,000 for their startup idea. LegalZoom co-founder Brian Liu (no relation) and Alibaba Group VP Brian Wong are among the angel investors.

The app has yet to launch, but will soon be in private beta. The M8 team is hoping the Battlefield competition will help with publicity.

“The people you know that care about you want you to be happy,” emphasized Mr. Liu.
“Friends are always trying to drag their friends up.”