Ford and Mahindra explore strategic cooperation around car tech in India

Ford and Indian automaker and mobility company Mahindra Group have entered into a new agreement to explore a potential strategic partnership focused on a number of different areas, including mobility, electrifications, connected vehicles and transportation infrastructure and more.

Ford and Mahindra’s initial cooperation period extends for three years, during which time the general idea is to identify opportunities for longer period collaboration. Mahindra, which manufactures cars in India as well as a range of commercial vehicles including tractors, as well as aerospace technology, would provide Ford with key expertise in operating in the potentially lucrative market. For Mahindra, gaining access to Ford’s growing expertise in connected and autonomous technology could be a significant upside.

While Ford has been a presence in the Indian auto market since 1995, and exports vehicles from its facilities in Chennai, Tamil Nadu and Sanadn, Gujarat, teaming up with Mahindra could give it more opportunity to explore future focuses of its expanded business, which increasingly looks at fleet operations, connected mobility services and more.