Original Content investigates the mysteries of Netflix’s ‘American Vandal’

American Vandal takes the investigative approach of shows like Making a Murderer and applies it to something a little less serious — not a murder, but the spraypainting of dicks on teachers’ cars at a fictional California high school.

Yes, it’s a Netflix parody of a Netflix show (among other things). The snake eats its own tail!

American Vandal was created by Tony Yacenda and Dan Perrault. It features all the hallmarks of a true-crime docudrama, including contradictory interviews, ponderous voiceovers and an investigation that uncovers explosive new evidence — but all in high school, with plenty of the aforementioned dicks.

TechCrunch’s very own investigative duo of Darrell Etherington and Anthony Ha reviews the show in the latest episode of Original Content, our podcast covering the latest streaming releases and news.

On the news front, we also discuss Apple TV’s 4K upgrade and its new sports navigation, the similar upgrade for content on iTunes and the new direction for shows on Amazon.

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