Here’s your first look at ‘Lore,’ Amazon’s new streaming horror show

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the early descriptions of Lore, the new streaming show based on the popular podcast by Aaron Mehnke. But the “anthology series” looks sort of like a period piece, horror version of Black Mirror.

Mehnke’s narration is present, which is the driving force of the podcast, but there’s also dramatization, with a cast that includes some impressive character actors like Colm Feore. And based on this footage, the acting actually adds a lot of spookiness and intensity to the creepy myths and folk tales that Mehnke recounts.

I’ll definitely be tuning it to this on Amazon Prime Video when it premieres on October 13, with all six episodes available. And not just because I’m a fan of the podcast – it looks like a genuinely unsettling good time.